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Is cloudy vision making it difficult for you to read, watch TV, drive, or see the smile on a loved one's face? You may have cataracts.

Advanced cataract surgery performed by Dr. Jim Montgomery of Montgomery Eye Care in Northglenn, CO, can restore sharp, crystal clear vision.

Why do patients in the greater Denver, Colorado area choose Montgomery Eye Care to improve their eyesight with advanced cataract surgery?

First Off, What Is a Cataract? And How Does It Affect My Eyesight?

  • Our eyes have a clear, natural lens behind the iris, or colored section of our eyes. Light passes through the lens to our retina. In turn, the retina sends signals to our brain, creating visual images.
  • Age, illness, or injury can cause a progressive clouding of this natural lens. Clouding prevents light from focusing properly on your retina, which can distort your vision.
  • Cataract surgery removes the damaged lens and replaces it with a customized artificial lens called an IOL. It is considered the only way to restore a cataract patient's eyesight when noninvasive treatments have failed.

Contact the Montgomery Eye Care ophthalmology team in Northglenn, Colorado, for a consultation if you are experiencing impaired, cloudy vision. The sooner your cataract is diagnosed, the faster our esteemed doctors can determine how quickly surgery is needed to get you seeing clearly again. Our Northglenn practice is located about twenty minutes north of Denver on I-25N.

Are Cataracts Common?

Yes. Many of our Northglenn, Colorado patients begin to develop cataracts after they turn sixty. And according to a National Eye Institute report:

More than half of Americans 80 years or older either have cataracts or have had cataract surgery.

If left untreated, symptoms caused by cataracts can get worse and eventually lead to a total loss of sight. Use our online form to schedule a comprehensive cataract exam at our Northglenn ophthalmology practice today.

Symptoms Checklist

Surgery at our cutting-edge surgical center in Westminster, Colorado, can greatly decrease or eliminate symptoms like the following:

Cloudy Vision

Decreased Night Vision

Blurry Vision

Glare or Halos Caused by Light

Sensitivity to Light

Double Vision

Frequent Eyeglass or Sunglass Prescription Changes

Colors Looking Dull

The World Should Look Clear, Not Cloudy Schedule Your Cataract Consultation Today

Dr. Jim Montgomery and his fellow ophthalmologists can use the latest diagnostic scanning technology and laser surgery tools to decrease or eliminate the debilitating symptoms caused by cataracts. Plus, we offer a wide selection of the most advanced intraocular lenses available to correct various vision problems.

If you miss seeing a child's smile clearly or have had to stop driving due to cloudy vision, consider the benefits that cataract surgery can offer you. Schedule a consultation at our Northglenn office today. Simply fill out our online form or give us a call if that's easier for you.

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5-Stars for Montgomery Eye Care


George Anderson


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I have always received great care from Montgomery Eye Care and an excellent result from the Cataract operation I had a few years ago. If you are looking to getting the best eye health then this practice should be high on your list.

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denise lopez


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Dr. Montgomery is a caring & professional Doctor who takes great care of me. My mom is a long time patient, appreciates his honesty & kindness.

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A Look at Laser Cataract Removal

Our practice uses the innovative LenSx® laser to eliminate scalpels and sutures. The LenSx also allows for better IOL placement and less chance of healthy eye tissue being damaged during the cataract removal process.

Cataract Surgery Costs


This can depend on your individual needs and the brand or type of IOL you choose. Our practice offers convenient in-house financing to help make any out-of-pocket costs more manageable. Contact us for more information.

The Cataract Surgery Procedure

The procedure should take less than an hour.

Your eye will first be numbed with anesthetic drops to ensure you feel no pain during the procedure.

Bladeless laser incisions will be made in your cornea based on a precise, digital map of your eye. 

Your damaged lens will be broken up and gently removed.

The IOL deemed best for your vision goals will be implanted through the incision to replace the removed natural lens.

A shield will be placed over your eye for protection and you'll be given a detailed list of recovery instructions.

Your eye should be fully healed in about eight weeks. Might feel some soreness or itching but that will fade quickly. You'll need to rest easy for a couple of days and put antibiotic drops in your eyes as instructed.

Any Risk Factors to Cataract Surgery?


All eye surgeries have some risk factors, but serious side effects like infection, retinal detachment, or an increase in eye pressure are extremely rare. The surgeons at Montgomery Eye Care are experts in minimizing risk after surgery.

Can't I Just Get LASIK Surgery to See Better?

LASIK is a refractive surgery procedure to correct vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism by reshaping the cornea. Unfortunately, LASIK will not fix the cloudiness caused by a cataract. Contact our eye care team to learn more about the difference between LASIK and cataract surgery.

More Glowing Reviews for Our Practice


Charles Huggs


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Dr. Montgomery is FANTASTIC! He has been my eye doctor for 19 years. He has treated me for both glaucoma and cataracts. Thanks to Dr. Montgomery, I am enjoying the best vision I have had in decades. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Dr. Montgomery!

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Willard Sims


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Dr. Montgomery is the best cataract surgeon. My vision is restored, worth every penny. I highly recommend his services.

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Montgomery Eye Care

The team at Montgomery Eye Care has over 20 years of experience and has performed tens of thousands of surgeries with outstanding results. Dr. Jim Montgomery is a member of various prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  • Colorado Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons

To schedule an appointment at Montgomery Eye Care, request a consultation online or call us at (303) 252-9981.

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