HIPAA Notification

Montgomery Eye Care has been broken into and protected personal information has been compromised.

After hours on February 23rd, the Montgomery Eye Care office at 10465 Melody Drive was broken into. The crime was discovered by staff on the morning of February 24 and the police were involved immediately. It turns out that other offices in the building were compromised as well.

This notice is for patients to be aware that protected personal information has been compromised. Personal checks and insurance checks containing explanations of benefits were stolen from a locked drawer prior to being processed. We are unable to identify which patients have been affected.

If you had written a personal check to Montgomery Eye Care anytime within the two months prior to the incident, please verify that it was cashed by Montgomery Eye Care. If it has not been cashed, please consider canceling and rewriting the check. If it was not cashed by Montgomery Eye Care, please come forward with the information to help with the case. Patients should follow their credit report to see if anyone is using the information available on personal checks in the process if being impersonated.

Montgomery Eye Care is strengthening internal security with a heavy-duty mail safe and internal video surveillance.

Please call 1-800-685-1111 if you have questions or would like more information.