Patient Information

At Montgomery Eye Care, we are committed to providing our patients with a welcoming environment as we strive to make their visits with us as comfortable and convenient as possible. To help you feel prepared for your next visit with us, please use this page as a reference. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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New Patient Paperwork

If you are new to Montgomery Eye Care, you will receive a link to complete new patient registration paperwork online. We can also mail the paperwork to you if that is your preference.

Payments and Financing

For your convenience, we accept payment via cash, credit card, and check. For patients who have co-pays or incur out-of-pocket costs, are happy to discuss financing options or payment using funds from medical spending accounts.
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At Montgomery Eye, we accept a wide range of insurance plans including Medicare. Contact our office or your insurance provider if you need to confirm that we’re in network with your plan.

What Do I Need To Bring To My Appointment?

Please bring the following to your appointment with us:

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Medical and vision insurance cards
  • Co-pay
  • Medical history
  • A list of your current medications
  • Results of your last eye exam
  • Eyeglasses
  • Prescriptions for your glasses and/or contact lenses


What To Expect At Your Appointment

When you arrive at Montgomery Eye Care for your appointment, you will be greeted by a friendly member of our staff. Please proceed to the front desk, where we will update your paperwork and collect your co-pay.

Before you meet with your doctor, a vision and eye health examination will be performed by a technician. Tests that will be performed may include:

  • Vision Test
  • Eye Pressure Test
  • Dilation


Will My Eyes Be Dilated?

Frequently, we are able to let patients know ahead of time if their examination is likely to include dilation, though this is not always possible.

If your eyes are dilated, you can expect the dilation to last between 1 and 5 hours for a typical examination and up to 24 hours for a vision correction surgery examination.

Your eyes will be very sensitive to light after dilation, so we recommend that you bring a pair of sunglasses to your appointment. We also discourage driving after dilation.

How Long Will My Appointment Take?

We realize that having a general idea of how long your appointment will take makes it much easier to plan your day.

  • Vision screening: 30 min – 1 hour
  • Comprehensive eye exam: 1-2 hours
  • Vision correction surgery consultations, cataract exams, and ICL exams: 2-3 hours
  • Follow-up visit: up to 1 hour


Preparing for Vision Correction Examinations

It is very important that you stop wearing contact lenses for a period of time leading up to your vision correction surgery consultation, as contacts can alter the shape of the cornea.

  • If you wear soft contact lenses, please remove them at least one week prior to your exam.
  • If you wear hard or gas permeable contact lenses, please remove them for one week for every decade of wear, or at least two weeks prior to your exam.


Contact Us

If you have additional questions that aren’t addressed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that a friendly member of our team can be of assistance.